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We are a full-service media agency. We are creative minds who are passionate about film, design, innovation and technology. With us you have a team at your side you can rely on. We help brands stand out in a digital world. The development of an individual attitude and personal skills is our aim. We love to think in an interdisciplinary way and work outside the conventions to create new forms of communication.
Creative studio for impactful stories.


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Video Production.

Video is a fantastic medium to communicate a wide range of messages. From corporate brand films to talking heads, we have camera crews all over the world who can be on-location to shoot your people, products or services in action. Our skilled editors then transform your original or stock footage into compelling video.


Live video has become hugely important in the past years. You want a live stream that does justice to your brand. That’s why we will make every effort when it comes to quality. We deliver high quality live multi-camera registrations for online events. We can broadcast live at anytime and anywhere to all major platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook or Zoom.

Virtual Production.

The future of film making,
Artificial backdrops have been used in filmmaking since the early days, Virtual Production takes this to a next level. This is done in real-time in which the camera is tracked and this makes the digital background parallax accordingly. They respond to the camera’s movements. This is done in real-time by powerful graphics computers and the power of the Unreal Engine.


Animation is becoming increasingly popular as it has no limitations. However complex or abstract your message, animation can explain processes and ideas in a simple yet effective way. Our animators use a range of styles and techniques to bring ideas to life,

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AR Augemted Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology that layers computer-generated imagery on top of an existing reality, giving us the ability to experience the world in a new way. AR, allows you to see both digital content and your actual reality at the same time. For example, through your tablet or phone, you could see an animated dragon sitting on your kitchen table.


We produce programmes that matter: honest, devoted and with an open view at the world.
We aim to reach a global and wide audience with our productions, making intangible stories relatable for a broader public. With a focus on original and character-driven stories, we strive to bring these ideas to our audience with great attention to cinematography and storytelling. 


We create and produce video communications for organizations with the most important approach: the connection between you and your target audience. Behind every product and organization is a story. That's what we look for, because that's what touches, and why your video is viewed, shared and remembered.

VR 360 video.

Do you want to take your customers through an experience you can't easily give them in real life? One that stays with them? With Virtual Reality you can offer all your customers a great experience. People who participate in a video are more sensitive to your call to actions, Let's great an immersive experience!

Content Creation. 

We produce a wide range of additional digital services ranging from social media to interactive video, which provide a modern twist on a classic way of promoting your business and message.
This material can then be supplemented with the benefit of videos, podcasts and animated sections, providing broadcast-quality solutions to any communication need.

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