We make 
content not
to be seen,
but to be felt.

We’re Crossmark, a creative studio based in The Netherlands. We tell stories and create new ways to connect brands and organisations with their audiences by combining our perspectives with your ambitions. 

Our services range from concept development and creative thinking to direction, production, post-production, activation and roll-out. We cut to fit in order to tell your story to the appropriate audience in the most enduring way. 

We handle small to big productions without drawing the classical line between directors, editors and producers. 
We all share the same drive to make every piece that leaves our hands the most notable one!

We are Crossmark. 
Based in The Hague, operating globally.

Creative Services 

Content Creation. 
Virtual Production.

AR Augemted Reality.
VR Virtual Reality.
Video Production.

come by for a cup of coffee and let's work together.

Do you want to make a difference with your brand? We are very curious about what you have to say.

Main Office

Crossmarkpictures B.V.
Caballero fabriek
Saturnusstraat 60, unit 81
2516 AH Den Haag

General enquiries

+31 70 301 9851
The Netherlands

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